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Amine Cleaning
With 20 years of continuing development, our research team has come a long way in reclamation. Our staff, experience and goals make us independent consultants for amine systems. We have one endeavor on our minds, to clean your amine and generate optimal performance from upstream to downstream.
We remove the contaminants which prohibit performance and cause corrosion.
MPR conserves amine. Unlike vacuum distillation methods, we lose less than 1.0% amine. Unlike small units which are sold without service, we have custom designed equipment to handle both small and large capacity systems. Our operation is composed of well trained technicians and engineers to manage the equipment and technology specific to your system.
MPR purifies amine. MPR’s technology does not generate hazardous waste.
MPR's programs contribute to reduced operating expenses, more stable operations, reduced environmental concerns and ability to control costs with guaranteed performance.


Since MPR REMOVES CONTAMINANTS, we equally service all amines and glycols:

MDEA DEA DIPA MEA DGA Flexsorb®, Selexol, Sulfolane, mixtures, formulated, etc.
MPR's laboratory provides analysis of amine properties and impurities including: heat stable salts, hydrocarbons and solids.

*Flexorb® is a registered trademark of Exxon Mobil
*DGA® is a registered trademark of Huntsman Corporation
*Selexol™ is a trademark of Dow Chemical Company
*Sulfinol-D is a trademark of Shell Oil Company
*Sulfinol-M is a trademark of Shell Oil Company
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