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Carbon Capture
Utility Industries across the world are committed to research and development methods to reduce CO2 emissions. Coal burning power plants are one of the largest generators of CO2. MPR’s engineers and researchers are working to apply MPR processes to unique challenges to Carbon Capture.
MPR Services, Inc. has developed their Carbon Capture Amine Reclamation (CCAR™) process based on our current technical processes and performance!
MPR’s 20 years of experience and focus on reclaiming amines, and other refining solvents, remains the basis for our research for the application of amines in the carbon capture industry. The ability of MPR’s personnel to develop the most efficient and economical path in addressing the challenges of CC is strong. Our technical staff will work closely with your company to incorporate the best recovery processes to solve your carbon capture challenges in power plants, gas plants and refineries or wherever services are of assistance.
MPR has several technologies for Carbon Capture Amine Reclaiming:

MPR’s HSSX technology has proven most thorough in reclaiming technology at numerous refineries, (syn) gas plants and gasification plants on a global basis. Furthermore, MPR has defined “Ion Exchange Amine Cleaning” in the critical industries it serves.
MPR’s in-house laboratory specializes in analyzing and understanding the performance of gas treating solvents.
We remove the contaminants independent of your choice of amine!
Amine Reclamation via ion-exchange is not an energy-intensive technology, providing a more economical operation.
MPR Services can provide mobile units. We offer equipment leasing, lowering the initial capital outlay for companies.
MPR’s technology has excellent amine recovery yields (~99%) resulting in the minimization of amine replacement costs.
In addition, we are reducing the environmental footprints left by bleed/feed methods.
Units operate virtually trouble-free and with remote monitoring (peace-of-mind / reliability).
MPR’s amine reclamation skids can be scaled- up to operate at plants of any size.
In addition, MPR’s Comprehensive skid designs for CC offer an integrated solution that addresses the removal of heat stable salts, conversion or removal of many degradation by-products and removal of particulates.
We can address ALL the potential contaminant issues you will face.


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