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Cyanide Control 

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MPR's Ammonium Polysulfide Program, Cyntrol., reduces the potential for cyanide assisted corrosion while significantly reducing the potential for free cyanide in the refineries waste water effluent. If excess cyanides have been found, our goal is to improve your corrosion control program. The items reviewed include the efficiency of your current wash water system and/or current scavenger program including application methodology, separation limitations and foul water handling limitations.



Prevent costly damage, shut-downs and replacement piping from hydrogen blistering, embrittlement and cracking! 



Cyntrol Program Includes:

  • On site Free Cyanide measurements
  • Determine which units cyanides are generated
  • Determine where the cyanides are being moved
  • Review the impact of cyanide on your plant
  • Cyanide corrosion assesment
  • Amine system impacts 
  • Environmental aspects
  • Evaluation of plants water wash system
  • Maximize Cyanide and other contaminant removals                                                  Cyanide causes costly damage to steel metallurgy
  • Optimize wash water usage
  • Operate within refineries sour water handling capabilities
  • Recommendations for process improvements


Removing cyanides from the process unit without adding chemicals to the unit is our objective. We then scavenge the free cyanide before it gets to the sour water stripper to minimize corrosion there. Our Cyntrol scavenges the free cyanide converting it to thiocyanate. Thiocyanate is easily handled in the refineries water treatment facility.


Control Cyanide Corrosion with our Technical Cyanide Survey and Scavenging Program!

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