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Foam Abatement


SigmaPure™ unlike antifoam, is a foam abatement technology that works without any injections of chemical solutions. The amine or other solution with the foaming problem will be foam free and contaminates responsible for the foam are collected.

Summary of Foaming Problems:
  • Column differential pressure and liquid level instability are the two most common foaming symptoms.
  • Their causes may be chemical or mechanical.
  • Column foaming problems normally start as downcomer stacking.
  • Surfactants cause gas phase amine foaming by stabilizing froth into foam.
  • Surfactants form the foam's structure.
  • Gas to liquid phase foam conversion can take place as a result of:
    • Surfactant concentration
    • Excessive antifoam use
    • Local increases in gas jetting
Antifoam injection is the most common mitigation action.

Why not use Antifoam?

  • Antifoams do not remove or inactivate foam causing surfactants.
  • They have been shown to contribute to mass transfer inhibition by limiting MT area, and competing with active amine for MT sites.
  • May become inactive due to a variety of factors.
  • Cause premature carbon and mechanical filter plugging.
  • Removes a valuable troubleshooting tool by prejudicing surface tension and foaming tendency test data.
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