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Glycol Cleaning

Salt Removal from glycol and sulfolane systems

Corrosion problems common in most Glycol systems are often directly related to the level of salts in the glycol. In response to this problem, MPR Services, Inc. developed the Glycolex™ process. This process utilizing the Glycolex kidney cleans the glycol (DEG, MEG, TEG, and TTEG) continuously on a slip stream. This process removes sodium chloride and other salts, anions and cations; as well as the esters formate, acetate, and glycolate. Our Glycolex process is utilized in glycol systems at refineries, gas plants, and gas/oil separating facilities in North America and Europe. Glycol has been cleaned in systems used in gas dehydration, BTEX extraction and gas hydrate inhibition. The Glycolex Kidney is fully automatic and fail safe. These units are available as a mobile or permanent installation.
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