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Hydrocarbon Removal



The HCX™ Process was developed specifically to remove hydrocarbons (including diesel, gas oils, paraffin's, BTEX and various petroleum intermediates) from amine solutions. The HCX™ Process is unique in that it can easily be regenerated after exhaustion. The media can be cycled repeatedly for months before requiring replacement, and the media has more than 10 times the capacity for retaining hydrocarbons than the equivalent volume of activated carbon. HCX™ Hydrocarbon Removal is available exclusively from MPR Services, Inc.

Liquid hydrocarbons can enter the amine system during normal processing or during process upsets. In either case, inadequate phase separation and the failure to remove the liquid hydrocarbons is a major cause of amine system problems, including:
  • High amine losses from carry over
  • Interruptions of operation and unstable operations
  • Deactivation of Claus Catalyst in the SRU
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