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Mobile vs. Continuous Service

Permanent Skid
Mobile Unit



MPR's Service provides optimum performance of your alkanolamine system or glycols whether you need purification on a mobile or permanent bases.

Continuous Services

Amine Shield™ Slip Stream Unit (Permanent Installations)
Removing Amine Contaminants Permanently the MPR Way

Amine systems are designed to use clean, pure amine solutions. The performance of amine solutions used in gas and liquid treating is reduced as a result of the buildup of contaminants such as suspended solids, hydrocarbons, heat stable salts and degradation products. To maximize the performance of an amine system, these contaminants should be continuously removed and maintained at minimal levels. Additional benefits of contaminant removal include reduced corrosion, and the release and recovery of valuable bound amine. MPR has been in the amine service since 1989 and during this period has developed the Amine Shield Slip Stream Unit. This automated unit is specifically designed to remove the common contaminats from any amine system.

Benefits of MPR.s Amine Shield Program

Amine systems are designed with only clean, pure amine solution in mind. By removing suspended solids, hydrocarbons and heat stable salts, a high-purity amine solution is maintained which provides stable amine system performance. The overall benefits are:

    Reducing Operating Expenses
  • Lower operating cost for the amine unit (substantially reduced amine losses, lower filter change-out cost, less corrosion, lower maintenance cost and lower steam cost)
    Stable Operations
  • Steady online operation with fewer upsets and off-spec products
  • Maximum H2S/CO2 removal
  • Less Claus Catalyst loss due to deactivation
    Reduced Environmental Concerns
  • Lower incidence of flaring
  • Less amine (nitrogen/ammonia) to waste water treatment plants
    Controlled Costs
  • Guaranteed HSS removal
  • Fixed annual cost (media and replacement labor is defined)
  • No capital requirements

Eight Ways MPR's Amine Shield Equipment Is Superior to Other Equipment and Processes

1. The wide range of operational capacity for each standard model of the Slip Stream Unit allows the facility to maintain low levels of contaminants continuously and to increase rate to catch up in the event of a system upset or mechanical failure.

2. The process can operate more economically at low salt levels than any other available system.

3. The Amine System equipment is no longer subject to fouling by suspended solids or hydrocarbons.

4. Utility consumption minimization is available (water and chemicals).

5. It produces less waste, and the waste is non-hazardous and biodegradable.

6. The Amine Shield System has the lowest amine losses of all commercially available processes.

7. It is the only available process to selectively remove sodium and potassium from amines.

8. It is the only available process that can offer removal of suspended solids and hydrocarbons as an integral part of the unit.

Installation and Operation

MPR equipment is designed for an outdoor refinery environment. The Amine Shield Slip Stream Unit (SSU) is self contained including all the instrumentation, PLC and programming to operate unattended efficiently and safely. MPR provides all manuals and training. Use of a touch-screen menu with options for startup, shutdown and changes in processing rates provides for seamless operation. The Slip Stream Unit is available on a multiyear service agreement. This Process Service agreement requires minimal capital outlay from the customer. MPR provides all maintenance, spare parts and expendables, including media, required by the unit during the term of the service contract. All costs are included in the monthly service fee. At start-up, MPR provides an engineer onsite for initial commissioning and training with experienced personnel for amine analysis. In addition, with one of the more experienced laboratories for amine analysis, MPR also provides sampling and analytical support and continuing technical support throughout the service period.

Sizing Your Amine System

To size an Amine Shield. Slip Stream Unit to meet your requirements, the following basic parameters are needed:
  • Type of amine
  • Weight % amine
  • Lean loading (mole:mole)
  • Incursion rate (pound-moles HSS per day)
  • Target maintenance level (% HSS)
  • System volume
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