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Spent Caustics


Processing Spent Caustics

MPR Services, Inc. offers patented processing of spent caustics. Spent caustics containing sulfidic, phenolic, cresylic, and naphthenic compounds is of growing interest in the refining, petrochemical, and LPG gas industry. The MPRox™ Process was developed for environmentally friendly disposal of these troublesome wastewaters. Although many spent caustic streams may exhibit similar characteristics, each is unique and requires individual analytical characterization and process development to determine the most cost effective service program. The MPRox™ Process utilizes oxidation pathways to effectively eliminate odor concerns and greatly reduces the loading and operational impact in downstream wastewater handling processes. Downstream processes most often favored include sensitive biological wastewater treatment plants prone to high loading or toxic upsets.

MPR Services, Inc.
MPRox™ Oxidation Services can solve your spent caustic processing and disposal concerns.
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