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Suspended Solids Removal



The SSX™ Process was developed to remove suspended solids from amine solutions to a submicron level. The MPR SSX™ Media can be easily regenerated after exhaustion and can be used for months before requiring replacement. The media has more than 19 times the capacity for retaining solids than the equivalent volume of a cartridge filter. This patented technology is available worldwide from MPR Services, Inc. The SSX™ Process reduces operating expense by eliminating filter replacement, filter disposal and filter change-out labor. MPR guarantees the performance of the SSX™ Unit and provides operation, maintenance, replacement media and installation labor all as an integral part of the service provided under MPR's Amine Shield Master Service Agreement Program.

Iron Sulfide (FeS) and Iron Carbonates (FeCO3) are the primary corrosion product produced by the presence of acid gas in amine systems. These suspended solids are a root cause of many amine system problems, including:
  • Plugging of heat exchangers, piping, towers and instruments
  • Poor hydrocarbon separation from amine solutions
  • High Amine losses due to foaming in towers and strippers
  • Interruptions of operation and unstable operations
  • Erosion and accelerating corrosion
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