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Technical Group
MPR’s Technical Department excels in the analysis of impurities as well as understanding the specific properties of amines, glycols, carbonates, sulfolane gas treating solvents, spent caustics and waters. MPR’s laboratory is staffed by Ph.D. chemists and experienced technicians utilizing extensive and diverse instrumentation and procedures. Our routine analytical reports detail over 50 components.
MPR’s laboratory retains proven methods developed by our technical staff which accurately address the specific challenges associated with these specialized solutions. This gives us a unique position from which to recommend remedies. Our process knowledge enables us to match services with needs.
Continual improvement and expansion of MPR’s services begins with development work and research conducted in the MPR Technical Department laboratory. Guided by chemists and degreed engineers, MPR can nimbly accept new challenges presented by our clients.
MPR can reclaim all amines solvents, including formulated and activated amines, as well as glycols (hydrate inhibition, dehydration, and extraction) and sulfolane.
Our technologies remove heat stable salts, amino acids, chlorides, oxazolidones, formamides, hydrocarbons, suspended solids and foam causing agents from your process solvents.
Our goal is to help you purify and conserve your solution onsite, without generating hazardous waste or interfering with your operations. MPR’s Technical Group offers its clients a thorough and accurate analysis of your gas treating solution, which will tell you the condition of your solution and what contaminants may be harming your system.

Example of an MPR amine analysis report
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