CYNTROL® Corrosion Control

MPR Services offers its CYNTROL® Corrosion Prevention program to refineries and other industries to review and better control cyanide corrosion.
We can perform a on-site technical survey of your operation to determine if your processing units are generating excess cyanides and provide cost-effective recommendations to reduce potential corrosion and environmental issues.

Our CYNTROL® Corrosion Prevention program begins with a technical on-site cyanide survey that uses our free cyanide analyzer to determine the actual cyanide concentration on specific units, additional laboratory testing and designated operational variables.  Your comprehensive analysis report includes:

  • On-site free cyanide measurements to determine which units are generating cyanides
  • The corrosion, amine system and environmental impacts of cyanide on your refinery
  • Evaluation of refinery water wash system to maximize cyanide removal, optimize usage and operate within sour water handling capabilities
  • Process improvement recommendations to reduce potential corrosion and address environmental concerns