Comprehensive Asset Protection Options for Refineries, Gas and Ammonia Facilities


Gas Treating Systems

We process a slipstream of the lean solvent, removing the heat stable salt ions. Depending on the specific degradation product, MPR Services' technologies remove amino acids or recovers the solvents (i.e. formamides and oxazolidones). Primary benefits include increased capacity, more stable operating conditions, reduced corrosion and improved amine consumption. These services are available with either a continuously installed unit or with a mobile unit. We also offer removal of suspended solids and hydrocarbons.

These processes are fully automated and specialized for regenerable amine systems:


Glycolex Process

Removes both cation and anion contaminants from common glycols, including monoethylene glycol,( MEG) diethylene glycol (DEG), triethylene glycol (TEG), and tetraethylene glycol (TTEG).


OXEX Process

Converts oxazolidones (degradation product) back to valuable amine resulting in decreased production costs with generation of environmentally friendly waste, a benefit of all of our processes. ​


CYNTROL® Corrosion Prevention Program 

Decreases the possibility of cyanide assisted corrosion while significantly reducing the potential for free cyanide in the refinery's wastewater effluent. MPR Services performs a unique on-site analysis of free cyanide levels to optimize the CYNTROL cyanide control service. Due to the reactive nature of free cyanide, this on-site program is valuable to the refinery in the diagnosis and follow-up recommendations to efficiently and economically address this issue. MPR and its parent, Tessenderlo Kerley, is the world’s largest supplier of CYNTROL for the scavenging of fugitive cyanide.